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Wedding Planning Services

Helping You Prepare For One of The Most Beautiful Events In Your Life

Every dream wedding begins with a plan. Whether you want a small, intimate gathering OR a grand celebration; everything will go according to the preparations done before the event. It’s normal for would-be brides to feel stressed during wedding planning. After all, there are too many details to take care of. But here’s where we can help. With our expert wedding coordination services, there’s a plan to suit every discerning bride’s need.

Choose from our wedding day, partial, or full wedding production services for a stress-free journey towards your Big Day.

Full Wedding Service

For the busy couples who doesn’t have the privilege of time but still want to plan their special day. A detailed process of planning and coordination from start to finish.

Accepting only 6 weddings a month to ensure quality.

Service starts 6 months to 1 year of planning before the wedding day.

We provide a Checklist that has been customized and a Conceptualizing form to guide you with colors, themes and motifs.

  • We assist brides with conceptualizing event design and styling aspects of the wedding day.
  • Assist with budget management; by providing a detailed Budget Plan. Included here is a Balance report of booked suppliers. Management of Payments through deposits to booked suppliers.
  • Assist in finding and selecting of venues and vendors from our list of trusted professional and dependable vendors that will fit the couple’s budget;
  • Assist in negotiations and reviewing contracts with vendors.
  • To Set-up appointments for meetings necessary for the preparations (e.g. Church appointments, booked suppliers, food tasting, test make up, etc.) — based on clients schedule.
  • To facilitate full follow-ups on all the wedding details with booked supplier
  • We provide the wedding day itinerary and the wedding day reception program
  • Minimum Number of Event Coordinators on the wedding day:

✓ 1 Account Manager

✓ 1 Head Coordinator

✓ 4-5 Assisting Coordinators

– For a wedding more that 350 (Three Hundred Fifty) Guest; additional Coordinators will join the team with an extra charge depending on the number of guest this is to maintain a smooth flow. Additional coordinators are at 1,500 each.

– Should you decide that no extra coordinators would be added; you need to sign a clause with the team that you are aware that the team will be short of help and might not deliver as expected.

  • Assist with guest bookings to hotels, Venue Layout for the reception, to supervise with the agreed styling with the event stylist or Venue stylist; Assist with table, seating arrangement, place cards and guest list.
  • included in this package is the on the day packages as well– discussed bellow

On The Day Wedding Coordination

For the Couple who has got everything under control and would like some extra hand on the day of the wedding

  • A hands-on process of taking over on the day 3 months prior to your wedding.
  • Review and follow up all booked vendors/Suppliers
  • To provide on the day Wedding Itinerary and Wedding reception program

Pre- Ceremony

  • To facilitate timely arrival of Vendors/ Suppliers during preps.
  • To facilitate staff meals and guest meals
  • Distribution of bouquets and help with bridal photo op
  • To implement on the day wedding itinerary for everyone taking part to follow
  • To facilitate the timely depart of entourage, family, groom and bride to the ceremony

Ceremony/ Church

  • Ensure that design and flowers are delivered as planned
  • Ensure that Boutonnieres, flower tiaras, baskets, bouquets, coursage, the wedding rings etc… are delivered and assist in giving them out to respective members of the entourage, bridal party and family members.
  • To assist in the lining up of the bridal party before walking down the aisle
  • Make sure all vendors who are needed in the ceremony has arrived on time and is prepared before the start of the ceremony
  • To handle any emergency or last minute changes that may arise
  • To deliver some of the post ceremony traditions such as Doves, tossing of rice, petals, coins or releasing of balloons
  • To stand also as Ushers and Usherettes for arriving guest ( Let them know where to sit and handing them their missals or other ceremony needs such as fans or water)
  • To guide members who have roles during the entire ceremony
  • Gather family, friends and bridal party for photo op after the ceremony
  • To make sure of transportation for bridal party to depart for the reception

Prior to Reception

  • Ensure that design and flowers are delivered as planned
  • Ensure all details that where discussed are endorsed properly to appointed people and staff of the hotel or venue personnel (such as the bar drinks, the table numbers and table assignments
  • Ensure Cocktail preparation is done according to plan
  • To supervise vendors and to make sure all vendors arrive on time to be able to prepare for the reception.
  • Set up of registration table that includes amenities for emergencies ( e.g. medications, scissors etc…)
  • Review of guest list with designated coordinators to usher guest
  • Review and run through of light and sounds with Program director, emcee and DJ
  • Risk Management


  • Welcome guest upon arrival.
  • To check guest on guest list, Strictly implemented
  • Assign guest to their respective seat and table numbers
  • Assist guest to do minor activities such as leaving messages and directing them towards the photo booth during cocktails.
  • Assisting guest with their needs upon arrival
  • Receiving gifts for couples to be endorsed to couple after the reception.
  • Help guest to their respective seats and tables.
  • Implement wedding program
  • Make sure that guest is served at the appointed time.
  • Distribute final payments to vendors at the end of the night

Consultation Package

With our wedding consultation services, we will act as your support system so you still get to prepare most of the details yourself. This is best booked 6 months before your Big Day. You will receive a detailed wedding Task List and Budget spreadsheet to serve as your guide during the entire process. Together with our lead wedding planner, it’s easy to set meetings, review contracts, and choose vendors. You will love the experience of preparing for this special day with this plan!

"Our aim is to ensure your time with us will be a sparkling memory."